Posted On June 8, 2012

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Paperwork Submitted, I guess I’m a candidate now

Posted On November 25, 2009

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Was  contacted last night by Mr. Butler of the Texas Libertarian Party to make sure I had the correct forms for getting on next year’s ballot.  I’ll be running as the Libertarian Party candidate for District #130 (a portion of Harris County including Tomball, Cypress, etc).  This is all, of course, pending successful nomination at the state Convention in March.


I’ll be posting more on this as it develops.

…You may be a Libertarian…

Posted On November 24, 2009

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‘I don’t care if two gay guys get married, as long as they pay the same taxes as any other married couple.’

‘I’m a Democrat, but I don’t think the government should take someone’s land or use our tax dollars to try and balance the incomes of its citizens.’

‘People should take responsibility for their actions.’

The above phrases are uttered every day across this great experiment we call the United States of America.  Citizens claiming their ideals fit with one of the two major parties currently dominating our political landscape.


But, do those ideals truly make that party the ‘best fit’?


Just about every party claims to have some “Libertarian Ideals”.  Even the official Libertarian Party, which is currently dominated by neo-cons who are disgruntled with the Republican party (another blog post entirely), could easily ‘fit’ within one of the other, larger, parties.  Why even bother proclaiming one’s self a libertarian, then?


Wikipedia classifies a Libertarian as a citizen who strongly support the right to life and liberty, and tout personal responsibility as fundamental to the proper functioning of society.  While other parties may hold these beliefs as well, none focus on them as the main tenet of belief as a libertarian would.

Lets break this down into parts.


Libertarians agree that life is sacred.  ‘So what?  So do Republicans because they don’t believe in abortion…or Democrats, for that matter, because they are against war!’  While this is true…does either party hold ALL forms of human life as sacred?  The answer is NO.
‘Well, I’m a Democrat, and I’m against war and abortion, so yes…the Democratic Party must hold those to be truths.’

My challenge to you at that point would be…are you TRULY a Democrat, or are you really a Libertarian?


Lets define liberty, before we get started.  Merriam-Webster define liberty as ‘the power to do as one pleases.’  That being said, liberty is the ability to function without fear of interference from others, namely the government.  If one considers liberty to truly be important to all citizens, then one TRULY cannot support EITHER of the major political parties, for both consistently support measures and ideals to limit liberty.

‘Not true!  The ACLU, which is a de-facto branch of the Democratic Party, vehemently fights for liberty!  Almost every day I see of some way that they are helping someone whose liberty has been violated!’

Truly?  What about when the ACLU attacks, say,  a Christian school/organization for not allowing a Muslim student to attend?  Now whose liberty is being violated?  How about when a Muslim student group is allowed to ditch class to hold prayer meetings, but a Jewish or Christian group must host their meetings after school, or off-campus?

‘You’re full of crap, dude.  Republicans fight for liberty EVERY DAY.  They are all about personal freedom!’

When the ether wears off, explain to me why the Republican Party is against homosexual marriage, then.  Isn’t the sexual choices of two consenting adults their business…and from a liberty standpoint, their right to do as they choose without fear of interference?


Property rights can be a touchy subject amongst any political group, but especially Libertarians.  Some believe that individual property rights should be protected at all costs, while others feel that land belongs to ‘everyone’ and thus no person has the right to privately own the land (this is an extreme minority opinion).

On the average, libertarians believe that a ‘man’s home is his castle’ and no person or entity has the right to infringe on that.  As such, a libertarian would find no fault with a person who shot and killed a burglar breaking into his home.

Furthermore, your average libertarian would have EXTREME issues with the government’s habit of declaring ‘imminent domain’ and confiscating land for use in public projects (yes, I know the land gets ‘paid for’, but at the government’s idea of a ‘fair market value’ which is commonly well below market value).


The essence of it is this…most folks lump themselves into one of two categories…either a Republican or a Democrat…when in truth they are somewhere in between.  That ‘in between’ is usually a Libertarian.

If that is the case, I challenge you to do your own research and make up your own mind on where you really fall in the political spectrum.  I then challenge you to stand up for what you believe in.

Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist – Iraq | War | Map –

Posted On November 24, 2009

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Investigators: Kentucky Census Worker Killed Himself – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News –

Posted On November 24, 2009

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Posted On November 24, 2009

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While just about every blog known to man (or Mann, as it were…hehehhe) is currently discussing the release of emails from the CRU, I’d like to say that there is sooooo much information out there, I’m not really going to talk about particulars.  I may, however, regurgitate some goodies I find in my daily blog reading.


So, if I find anything juicy, I’ll pass it on to ya 🙂